Reasons Why Air Conditioner Is Icing Up Revealed

It might be your first time to experience your air conditioner gets frosty, and of course, you started to worry and curious at the same time what could be the possible reasons behind that icing but before that, you must learn what to do when this happens.

  1. Turn off the air conditioner as it is a waste of energy and leaving it on while getting freeze damages the compressor.
  2. Meanwhile, you have to locate the condenser and remove if there is clog in it. Think also to vacuum up the water inside the ducts.
  3. If there is too much ice buildup use the blower to melt it fast and if you own a window type air conditioner tilt it back so the melted water will drain on the outside.

If you had done this three simple steps your room will be cooler after all the ice buildup completely melts and all the clogs had been removed, so the next you need to know is the reason behind this thing. Well, several factors contribute to this, and they are the following:

  1. The Refrigerant Is Already Low

This could be the result when there are leaks or improper installation of the air conditioner. When the air conditioner refrigerant is already low, this will result in too much coldness on the coil which eventually makes ice or frost.

  1. The Filter Is Clogged

That is the reason why you need to remove all the clogs via AC chemical cleaning from the filter as it will give more stress to the air conditioner’s vital parts and result in limited air stream and inefficiency in the transmission of warm air to the evaporator for the cooling process.

  1. Shut Down Supply In Registers

One alternative that many homeowners did to save energy is to shut down the supply in registers however if you close most of the registers to save money it will end costing more since it can damage the air conditioner and it will also make the unit to double its work to cool the space.

  1. Small Amount Of Blowing Air

If you are setting the fan on the low level, then there is less air blowing on the coil. By adding some speed on the blower, it will resolve the freeze on the air conditioner.

  1. Issue On The Thermostat

Another cause of freezing and icing around the air conditioner unit is the problem on the thermostat. Consider an inspection by the technician to resolve this problem fast.

  1. Block On The Drainage

One cause of it is when the backup water could drip because there is something that blocks it. This will turn to ice and cause frosting around the unit to make sure that you check the pipeline and see to it that it allows exit of water.

  1. Not Titled Well

If you own the window type air conditioner, you must also inspect that it is slightly tilted back to allow water to drain on its own. Otherwise, it will freeze since that area can be cool too.



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