What to consider when hiring a professional plumber in Singapore?

There are a lot of professional plumbers in Singapore nowadays. They range from small-scale freelancers to contractors for you to choose from. They can be available anytime for your convenience but what does it take to choose a good and reliable professional plumber for your home needs. Listed are the following aspects you need to consider from groff plumbing before hiring one.


It is better to have a plumbing service stationed nearby. Your plumbing emergency may be able to wait but your time is waiting for the service is a huge loss. You cannot waste a whole day waiting for your plumber to arrive. If they are stationed far, they have to service the nearest customers from their location first. Common sense will tell you that the plumbers will want to save their time and gas. Traveling from their location to yours so that you get in the line first might just be too costly for them than what you are willing to pay for the service. To avoid this, you can choose plumbing service near your home and be serviced at the earliest time possible.


Make sure you have already researched about the usual cost of plumbing service you are about to get. You can get a plumber check your issue and get you a price quote. Costing the service might be least to worry when you have a regular plumber in contact, but you can still explore other options aside from the one you are used to. Make sure to compare prices from different providers so you can have the best choice possible. Any form of saving is still better. Saving a couple of bucks from your plumbing service is hefty for your piggy bank.


As we would like to be serviced immediately, this should not compensate the quality of service we are to get. Servicing clients are one of the greatest indicators if you got yourself a good plumber or not. If they have not done the job right, this will cost you more dollars since you will need another service being done. You have to be wary of plumber you do services on top of their ongoing task. They might be doing a bad job on propose so you would need their extra services. You can make sure this does not happen by having the plumber check the issue first and lay out to you what he needs to do. Then have another plumber over and see if they have the same ideas. If they do, you only need to choose the less costly of the two.


Some plumbing services are available 24/7 and others are not. It is still better to hire a plumber whom you can call anytime. We cannot know when a plumbing emergency arises. Knowing a plumber who can service you anytime is a great thing to consider when hiring one.

Here you go, folks. A couple tips and tricks on how you should select your trusted plumber. Make sure to make your list of must-haves for your plumber’s qualification. Every household’s need varies from one another. For tips tips, visit SG1 plumber.

Why Choose Professional Services vs. DIY?

There’s no doubt about it; every homeowner is a handyman himself. However, you need to know there is a thin line between projects that need to be done by yourself and by a professional. Here is a complete difference between professional aircon services and DIY projects. It will also help you understand why you need to choose professional services over experimenting by your own at most important situations.

  1.    Your safety is compromise

By doing tasks by yourself, you simply expose your unprotected body to the risks that await you. The DIY job is fun but can be a potential danger to your safety. If you don’t have the tools, right materials, and even sufficient knowledge to do the task, we highly suggest that you get your hands on it and leave the job to a professional. Especially if it’s a major house repair, we are talking about such as roofing problem, faulty wiring, any electrical work, or even plumbing. There’s a reason why professionals are trained before they have their license and that is to keep them safe while working.

  1.    It can deteriorate the problem

Well, the last thing that you wanted to do is to destroy your home. Major plumbing jobs can lead to a series of interconnected problems that can easily destroy your house in an instant if you get it wrong. A simple water leak, if left neglected, can damage the foundation of the house in the long run. You may discover major house faults by now and be surprised that it was the result of the DIY project you thought as successful a few months ago. Paying for the damage is indeed more expensive than paying a professional to come and fix the job properly.

  1.    Professionals have permit

If there’s one thing that professionals have and you don’t in repairing major works in the house—it’s a permit. A building permit serves as a guarantee that the job will be carried out safely by the professionals. The rules vary from state to state; you might find one to check your local rules and regulations. Aside from that, getting a permit can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if it’s a major household repair we are talking about. However, a licensed professional can speed up the process, saving time and money in the long run.

  1.    Mistakes are costly

One wrong move and you could blow up your plumbing system or damage your roof permanently. Mistakes are costly; you must realize it before you put your hands on the hammer and start doing the work. However, hiring professionals is a cost-effective and smart option because rest assured that you’re only going to pull out cash from your pocket once. You don’t need to deal with costly mistakes afterward because they know exactly what they are doing.

Now that you know the difference between a professional’s service and a DIY project, you must come to the realization that not every household repair can be done with experimenting. Minor household repairs can be easily fixed; however major household repair works must fall into the hands or a professional already.

Reasons Why Air Conditioner Is Icing Up Revealed

It might be your first time to experience your air conditioner gets frosty, and of course, you started to worry and curious at the same time what could be the possible reasons behind that icing but before that, you must learn what to do when this happens.

  1. Turn off the air conditioner as it is a waste of energy and leaving it on while getting freeze damages the compressor.
  2. Meanwhile, you have to locate the condenser and remove if there is clog in it. Think also to vacuum up the water inside the ducts.
  3. If there is too much ice buildup use the blower to melt it fast and if you own a window type air conditioner tilt it back so the melted water will drain on the outside.

If you had done this three simple steps your room will be cooler after all the ice buildup completely melts and all the clogs had been removed, so the next you need to know is the reason behind this thing. Well, several factors contribute to this, and they are the following:

  1. The Refrigerant Is Already Low

This could be the result when there are leaks or improper installation of the air conditioner. When the air conditioner refrigerant is already low, this will result in too much coldness on the coil which eventually makes ice or frost.

  1. The Filter Is Clogged

That is the reason why you need to remove all the clogs via AC chemical cleaning from the filter as it will give more stress to the air conditioner’s vital parts and result in limited air stream and inefficiency in the transmission of warm air to the evaporator for the cooling process.

  1. Shut Down Supply In Registers

One alternative that many homeowners did to save energy is to shut down the supply in registers however if you close most of the registers to save money it will end costing more since it can damage the air conditioner and it will also make the unit to double its work to cool the space.

  1. Small Amount Of Blowing Air

If you are setting the fan on the low level, then there is less air blowing on the coil. By adding some speed on the blower, it will resolve the freeze on the air conditioner.

  1. Issue On The Thermostat

Another cause of freezing and icing around the air conditioner unit is the problem on the thermostat. Consider an inspection by the technician to resolve this problem fast.

  1. Block On The Drainage

One cause of it is when the backup water could drip because there is something that blocks it. This will turn to ice and cause frosting around the unit to make sure that you check the pipeline and see to it that it allows exit of water.

  1. Not Titled Well

If you own the window type air conditioner, you must also inspect that it is slightly tilted back to allow water to drain on its own. Otherwise, it will freeze since that area can be cool too.



3 Common Situations to Contact an Emergency Locksmith in Singapore

Keys are the most common things that we lose almost every time. This could be due to its tiny size and thin structure. But most of the time we just forget where we place it maybe on the bedside table, coffee table, kitchen, on top of the refrigerator or even below the sofa. However, losing your key does not mean that you are getting forgetful of your things rather it is normal. Everyone loses a key or two but just be sure to keep a spare with you. For example, you got up late for work, hurried your way to from the bathroom to the kitchen and your room. You grab the necessary things for work but did not check for your house and could be your car keys and immediately left your house locked. Soon you realize that you are missing something until it got you. What are the consequences of losing your keys? You end up going to work very late and you will have to stay at someone else’s house while trying to figure out how to get back inside your house. You lose your property and even your alone time. However, there is no need to be afraid or panicked since there are many locksmith agencies that offer 24 hour service in Singapore. They can open your house, car, even safes that are terribly locked and other locked situations. Here are listed below some of the reasons why you would need the help of emergency locksmith in Singapore.

Locked but Home Alone

It was already mentioned this earlier but if you live alone and don’t have any spare key then it could be the time to contact the nearest and trusted locksmith around your neighborhood. It is less hassle and within a short wait, you are sure to lie on your usual and comfortable bed.

Car Keys Left in Cars

The most terrible thing that could possibly happen when you lose your keys is LOSING YOUR CAR KEY! Just thinking about it makes me want to cry and think of alternatives like breaking the car window and such just to get your key back. You can contact an emergency locksmith for the best professional care when this situation happens to you someday, but hopefully not.

Changing Lock

Emergency locksmith can also help you change your locks. If you think that your lock system is old fashioned, out of style, or you simply think that it is no longer secure, then you can contact them for help. Most locksmith service in Singapore are open 24 hours making it convenient for your part if you are so busy with work and have no time during the day.

We tend to ignore simple things in our lives like our lock system. But did you know that locks play a vital role in our daily lives? It keeps us secure from our home to our office. We also need locks in our lives where we need to treasure precious moment that makes us happy in this world. For more locksmith service herevisit https://247locksmithsingapore.com.

Top Features of a Study Business School in Malaysia

Are you looking for a business school in Malaysia? If so there’s many to choose from so it can be tough to pick the best Study Business School in Malaysia. Here’s some of the most important factors from Mantissa College to consider before making your choice:

  1. Instructors

This is one of the most important factors to take up when picking the best Study Business School in Malaysia. When you take an online course, the instructor can have a major effect on your overall experience. That’s why it’s important to research the general quality of a business school’s instructors. You can learn this information by reading some online feedback from past students.

There’s many factors to consider when weighing the quality of a business school’s instructors. One of the main ones is the teachers’ background. In particular look for teachers who have a lot of experience teaching business students. You should also learn if they specialize in the particular subject you’re taking. This will help to determine if the teacher is a good option for the particular course you’re taking.

  1. Tuition

This is another issue to take up when comparing different business schools. The cost of tuition can vary greatly. There’s many factors that affect the tuition costs including the school’s prestige, courses, etc. Just as important as the actual tuition is the value you’re getting for the cost. If the tuition seems high you should compare it with comparable schools. That will help to determine whether the tuition is reasonable.

Another issue to consider is the payment options offered. It’s better when there’s more options to make it easier to pay for your classes.

  1. Online

It’s always a plus when s business school has an online version that allows international students to access the school’s curriculum regardless of where they are. Not all business schools offer this feature but it’s certainly one of the best ones to look for when picking a school. More schools are now offering this feature since it allows students from all over the world to take classes from their home country.

There’s also many benefits of online classrooms over physical ones. For example, you can complete modules from just about anywhere just so you have a device and web connectivity. This can allow you to study at home, at work, or just about anywhere else just so you have Wi-Fi, for example. It’s a great feature that can make your life easier. That includes the time, effort, and money you can save by not needing to travel to a brick-and-mortar school. If you have other priorities like work or school you can still handle them and take classes during your free time.

  1. Reviews

Before picking a business school it’s also a good idea to read some reviews from past students. This will give you a snapshot of the overall experience past students had with the school. If most students have given the school positive or negative reviews then there’s a good chance you’ll have a similar experience.

It’s also a good idea to reviews from industry experts and customers. This will give you different perspectives and provide a snapshot of the overall quality of the business school. That will be tougher if you just read reviews from students or experts, for example.


Plumbing Problem Diagnosis Made Easy

Plumbing is one of the important parts of your home. This is why you get a plumber near you to work on it if its broken. Its importance in the overall design of the house is overlooked most often until plumbing problem arises.

The underlying principle of the plumbing system is somewhat straightforward and simple: drain, waste and vent system (DWV). And the majority of the drainage systems are gravity-dependent. To diagnose, therefore, what went wrong with your plumbing system needs the understanding the whole DWV system needs the realization that water flows downward.

The flow is downhill except in cases where the main home sewer is located higher than the bathroom. In this case, there is a need to use the pump to drain the water to the sewer.

The whole plumbing system is not complete without the vent pipes. It is not all about the drain and waste pipes. The vent pipes are integrated into the system to provide exhaust of all gases from the waste where it will mix with the air and neutralized.
Along with all the drain and waste pipes, there are some vent pipes integrated into the system. These vent pipes allow sewer gas to be vented out above your home where it can quickly be dispersed as it mixes with the air. It is also a mechanism to prevent a vacuum from happening that might lead to clogging of pipes.

Diagnosing the problem could be simple if you understand that all plumbing systems are interconnected. Meaning, the ordinary household drain is connected to a larger branch drain, which is also connected to the sewer line. All the household network of pipes in homes, for example, leads to the community sewer or the individual septic tank.

Here are the three steps how to diagnose plumbing problem.

1. When a bad odor is detected in your sink, toilet, or bathtub, do the following: check for possible blockages in the event; look for any gaps in the toilet and wax ring and replace the wax ring if necessary; pour bleaching liquid into the drain to kill the presence of bacteria that cause the odor; replace damaged vent line to prevent the gas in the sewer to vent inside your home.

2. Your toilet, sink, or bathtub is backing up; the clog is most likely near where the clog occurs. Drain it by following the basic steps unclog it.

3. When your home is located below the level of your neighbors and the public sewage is backing up, the system might be clogged somewhere else beyond your plumbing system. In this case, call the agency responsible for it.

You have just the three basic steps how to do it yourself when a plumbing problem arises in your home. It is not a fix-all guide but gives you the idea how to approach the situation intelligently. The problem should not be the left all alone to the specialist. Diagnosing the problem is a very important step to solve it – it might even save you from worries and money. If the tips we discussed above doesn’t cut it, you can consult a plumber to get professional help.

When a Centralized Air Conditioning System is Right for You

You have been considering the idea of getting an air conditioning system for your home. You have to realize though that there are all kinds of these units out in the market today. As the buyer, it is up to you decide which type and which brand is going to be the right choice for you. Like your commitment to utility servicemen such as a locksmith or plumber, you have to get a reliable aircon service company as well.  Here are some of the things that you can do to ensure that you do have the aptest device to grace your home.

One very popular choice that a lot of homeowners in Singapore go for these days would be the centralized type. It would seem to be a good choice for those homeowners who happen to be in an area that is hot or warm almost all year round. You are going to need a respite from all that warm climate, and one that is of this type can be a good way of ensuring that you have a comfortable temperature inside the house.

If you are not sure whether this would make a good choice for you though, there are instances when it is going to be the right option for you.

You need filtered air

You want to have an interior where the air quality is going to be high. This is especially beneficial for you if you have a loved one who suffers from allergy or asthma. The air that enters the air conditioning system is filtered of any unwanted debris and other particles to ensure that it is going to be safe. Thus, minimizing the risks of people having an allergic reaction to getting asthma attacks in the process.

This does come with a price too. This means that you are going to have to do regular duct maintenance. It is easy for mold and bacteria to build up in the ducts if this is neglected. So, do keep an eye on its cleanliness if you want to maintain your safety and can filtered air.

You want consistent temperature

This is considered one of the biggest benefits that one can get out go using this air conditioning type, if you happen to live in areas where summers are very hot, having a house that will have a constant cool temperature in every home is going to be the most ideal. This is usually the reason why many homeowners in these places tend to go for these types.

Be aware though that this kind of unit is going to be more expensive as far as your energy consumption goes. Except the bills to be higher every month. If this is the first time that you are installing one, then expect the next months bills are moving forward to get dramatically higher.

You want to save space

If you want a unit that is not going to be obtrusive and will rain inconspicuous too, then this is the unit for you. It is not going to take up a lot of space in your home, and it is easy to operate as well. You do not have to learn rocket science to know how it is supposed to work.

Just be aware though that it is not going to be a flexible unit. Also, the maintenance costs are likely to be high as well.

History of Curation Station

Welcome. Here is little history about Curation Station. It turns in to a personal blog focusing on living in Singapore.

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